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The Pathfinder Squadron based at Little Staughton held annual reunions for many years which inevitably ended up in The Crown on a Friday night for Fish and Chips.

RAF Little Staughton was situated 8 miles North East of Bedford in Huntingdonshire. It opened in September 1942 and was allocated to the USAAF as the 2nd Advanced Air Depot for repair of B-17s of the 1st Bomb Wing.

RAF Little Staughton was handed obver to Bomber Command on March 1, 1944. On April l, the `C' Flights of No. 7 Squadron from Oakington and No. 156 Squadron from Upwood arrived to form No. 582 Squadron, flying Lancaster bombers. The new Squadron flew its first raid on the night of the 9th April, 1944 and its last on the 25th April 1945, a total of 165 missions were flow with the loss of 28 Lancasters. No. 109 Pathfinder Squadron arrived from Marham flying Mosquitos on the 2nd April 1944, during their time at Little Staughton they lost 23 Mosquitos. The national flags of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa Airforce and RAF book of Rememberance for the members of No. 109 and No. 582 Squadrons and a memorial stone are on display in the Church of All Saints', Little Staughton.

The airfield closed in 1945 and was later handed over to the USAF for upgrading and the main runway was increased to 3,000 yards to enable jet aircraft to use the base in an emergency, the Americans left in teh later 1950's. Today many of the buildings remain and the site is used for light industry, agriculture and some private flying.