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Real Ale Pub

The Crown at Little Staughton is a member of the Oakademy of Excellence. It is a haven of real ale and real cider much appreciated by the regulars. Listed below are our regular offerings which are supplemented from time to time by suitably vetted guest beers.


Swirling clouds tumble as the storm begins to calm. Settle. Breathe in the moment, then break through the smooth, light head to the bittersweet reward. Unmistakeably GUINNESS®, from the first velvet sip to the last, lingering drop. And every deep-dark satisfying mouthful in between.

Pure beauty. Pure GUINNESS® ABV 4.2%


Real Ale - Black SheepBlack Sheep Best Bitter
The Black Sheep brewery was set up by Paul Theakston, from the Theakston brewing family and is still based in Masham, North Yorkshire. Dales well water is used in Black Sheep beer. It has a light golden colour and a fairly dry taste, with a rich, creamy head. The flavour is subtle, not too strong. Perhaps a little woody, with a distinct sweetish maltiness, and a hoppy bitter taste that takes over. A very pleasant aroma rounds things off nicely.  ABV 3.8%


Tetleys MildTetley's Mild
One of the brands of mild still widely available, not all Tetley's pubs will serve this and it is generally reserved for sale in more specialist bars.  Carlesberg brew the Tetley's Mild in both light and dark forms although the dark mild is to be discontinued. ABV 3.3%


John Smith's Extra SmoothJohn Smith’s Extra Smooth
John Smith’s Extra Smooth was launched in 1993 and is now one of the nation's most popular ales.The boffins say it has a distinct cereal character, with malty, caramel notes being complemented by some fruitiness. But we just think it’s a right good pint.

Extra Smooth is available in draught.  ABV 3.8%


Banks and Taylor Shefford Bitter Banks and Taylor Shefford Bitter
A pleasant and well hopped session beer

This Beer is brewed using Pearl Pale Malt, Crystal Malt, Challenger Hops, Golding Hops and Fuggle Hops.  ABV 3.8%


Oakham Ales JHBOakham Ales J.H.B. (Jeffrey Hudson Bitter)
A golden beer whose aroma is dominated by hops that give characteristic citrus notes. Hops and fruit on the palate are balanced by malt and a bitter base. Dry hoppy finish with soft fruit flavours

Availability: All year   ABV 3.8%


Blacksheep AleBlacksheep Ale
Bittersweet in mouth with a dry finish packed with fruity notes and Goldings hops. Black Sheep Ale is a full flavoured, premium bitter with a rich fruity aroma. We use plenty of choice Golding hops which give it a roast coffee maltiness followed by Black Sheep’s characteristic refreshingly dry and bitter finish.    ABV 4.3%


CarlsbergCarlsberg Lager
Carlsberg lager is a well-proportioned bottom-fermented lager beer with a flavour of hops, grains, pine needles, sorrel and Danish summer apples. The bitterness of the hops and the apple-like sweetness provide a harmoniously balanced taste.   ABV 3.8%


CarlingCarling Lager
The history of Carling dates back to 1818, when Thomas Carling, a farmer from the English county of Yorkshire, took his family to eastern Canada, settling at what is now the city of London, Ontario. During his first year there Carling cleared a small area of land.He called on his neighbours to help at a "stumping bee", a cooperative effort in which each man brought his own oxen and tools and the land was cleared of tree stumps. All the neighbours asked inreturn was food and refreshment. Thomas Carling's refreshment, a home-brewed ale, was of such quality that soon he was brewing it for other stumping bees.It grew so popular that he abandoned farming for full-time brewing.   ABV 4.0%


Veltins PilsnerVeltin's Pilsner
The Pilsener should stand out from the crowd due to the fact that the draught version is not pasteurised. This demands a quick turnover but the result is beer with a fine fresh aroma and flavour. It will appeal in particular to drinkers of both ale and lager who enjoy hop bitterness. In the North German tradition, Veltins uses a generous amount of hops from the Hallertau region of Bavaria and the result is a beer with a rich toasted malt and bitter hop character, with a delicious hint of citrus fruit.  ABV 4.8%


Strongbow CiderStrongbow Cider
Strongbow is said to be the UK's most popular cider, accounting for more than half of the cider sales in Britain. It is also unique among ciders in that it is produced with a Royal Warrant.
Unlike real ciders, Strongbow is mass-produced using modern methods, and contains apple concentrate, sugar, a controlled yeast strain, sulphites and some varieties are flavoured with artificial sweeteners.  ABV 4.5%