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North Bedfordshire Wolds - Little Staughton at Bedford

This lovely country side walk crosses the border between Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire and passes by a well preserved moated site with earthworks. The walk reenteres Bedfordshire at the Staughton Moor Road. The walk is approximately 4 miles long.

The circular walk begins at the Crown pub in Little Staughton which is a great place to finish as they serve a fine selection of refreshments. Please be aware of our opening hours and if you have a large party of walkers do please give us a call so we can prepare to receive you at the start and end of your walk.

Walking Directions

From The Crown car park turn left along Green End for about 100 metres then turn left through a kissing gate onto a byway known as Scott Street. This track leads uphill to West End Road. Here turn sharply left on a bridleway that crosses an open field diagonally toa way mark post at the corner of a hedge. From the way mark post go forward with a hedge on the left through the village playing field to emerge at the highway almost opposite Church Lane. Cross into Church Lane to reach All Saints Church. Take the footpath on the right of the church through open land with wide views to arrive at a medieval moated site. At the far corner turn right and walk downhill into the valley but before reaching the stream turn right with a hedge on your left. Look for a footbridge in les than 100 metres. Cross the stream here and turn right. Follow the stream for a kilometre then turn uphill on a footpath between a fence and hedge to reach Staughton Moor Road. Turn right and walk carefully along this short section of, often busy, road to the main village road. At the road junction is a chapel burial ground and a semi -derelict building that in living memory was used as a Sunday School. The burial ground is a haven of wild flowers in the spring and early summer. On the opposite corner stood a large Baptist chapel but this was demolished in the war after a flying fortress from Thurleigh struck the top of the building when attempting an emergency landing at Little Staughton Airfield.

Turn left on the main village road and walk about 300 metres to a bridleway on the right. This is also the access track to The Wickey Farm. Follow the bridleway for about 450 metres then turn right on a bridleway with open fields on either side and a boundary ditch on the right. Follow the bridleway through the end of Hall Meadow and continue walking out into a large field with a hedge on your right and eventually cross a small bridge to reach West End Road. From here you can continue on in the same direction to return to The Crown Public House for well earned refreshment.


Hidden Britain

We would like to thank Hidden Britain for the detailed information about this walk. For more information about the area go to their website at